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The Small Studio for Big Results

These days, it's not unusual for singers, songwriters, and musicians to spend hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars booking recording time at a full-size studio, just to record a couple of demo songs. Others invest in their own recording equipment and software so they can record their songs at home. . . but they end up with less-than-professional-quality results.

Arcadia Studios is the affordable, professional alternative. Are you a potential "American Idol," "Nashville Star," or "Rock Star" who wants a high-quality recording you can distribute to record producers?  A songwriter who wants a permanent recording of your material?  A band in need of a demo disc that can help you land live gigs and take things to the next level? Or maybe you just want to record a song or two for family and friends. No matter what your audio-recording needs, we can help.

At Arcadia, we have experience producing everything from full-length independent rock CDs to spoken-word poetry, from compilations of church music to dance tracks.  And we're singers/songwriters/musicians ourselves who understand how to get the sounds you're hearing in your head into a format you can share with the world.

Check out our "About the Studio" page to get a better sense of our equipment and services. Or send us an e-mail to tell us about your project and request a price quote. Whether you'd like to record a single song on one CD or an album-length project on 1,000 (or more) CDs, Arcadia Studios can help -- with competitive rates and quality results.

Arcadia Studios
Charlotte, MI
E-mail: Bob@Arcadia-Studios.com